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As a menswear specialized in formal and casual clothing, we know from experience that you will constantly look for the best partner to make you look and feel your best. 

We created this section of our website to provide you with answers to Frequently Asked Questions. This section will continuously be updated, we believe these are important for several reasons/ such reasons:

Provide information: 

This FAQ will provide customers with answers to the most commonly asked questions about our clothing store, policies, sizing information and any information that can help customers make informed decisions about their purchases.

Save time: 

By having this FAQ section on our clothing store’s website, we hope you can quickly find the information you need without having to contact our customer service or search through the entire website. This can both save you time for and help us serve you better.

Build trust: 

We strive to provide a clear and comprehensive information through this FAQ section, as we aim to build trust with you and all of our customers. We believe that if customers have their questions answered, they will be more likely to trust our clothing store and feel confident about making a purchase.

Overall, this FAQ section is an important tool for our clothing store as it complements our services and dedication to provide you with the information need to make informed decisions about your purchases, while also saving time and hopefully becoming your first choice when you shop menswear in Montreal area.

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How long before the event should we come to get measured up / select our apparel?

Allow 6–8 weeks prior to your event to select your suit or tuxedo, and to  get measured and  fitted up

What kind of services does BAGGI have to offer?

We offer 3 different services to fit your budget

1) Ready to wear :  a great selection of looks and designs…. at a variety of prices

2) Made to Measure : for those who want their unique style to come to life

3) Rental tuxedo program : affordable luxury just for your special day

Can my bride and I come by for a consultation ?

By appointment, our certified consultant will gladly be available for all your questions and fashion-styling advice.

Do we charge for alterations when purchasing a suit, tuxedo, or other garment?

We will ensure a perfect fit for all your purchases , and a small fee will be applied according each person’s individual requirements.

How long prior to the event should we pick up our suit or tuxedo?

Allow 2 weeks before the event to ensure your order fits perfectly….and also…allow for any last minute adjustments !

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